So this is my new blog. Why a new blog, what was wrong with the old one? Nothing, just some change in structure. Like I said in my original blog (sorry, German only), I want to split my private and my work related stuff. Also I want to train my written English a little bit. This means, I will write here about programming, soft- and hardware reviews and test, howtos and other stuff that can be work related. At the moment there are no comments. jekyll compiles a static blog, so no comments. I looked into a system like isso, but I’m not sure about this. So, until I found a solution write me emails and on twitter. What could possible go wrong ;)

And why jekyll? I don’t need a database, software running on my server. I have looked into ghost (the new blog engine build with node.js) and the good ol’ wordpress (written in php, yeah, well). Booth systems are nice and work quite well. But I looked in something that i provide me more control and decisions. And let me work with the tools I already use. So the decision for jekyll was made. I only need a web-server that can provide static HTML and I’m done. Also the complete source of the blog is stored in a git repo (I love git).

In the end I’m pretty happy with my new blog and hope you will enjoy it, too. :)