So yesterday I was watching citizenfour with some friends. It was interesting and stunning at the same time. Seeing how it all came together, from the first email, to Edward Snowden seeking asylum in Moscow. Also it was frighten what is technical possible and what is already done. After leaving the cinema I had a very uneasy feeling, it is hard to describe that. But in this moment, it was clear to me I have to change the way I use the Internet. Self-hosting, some thing many people say now a day. I think it can be a good to host some services by yourself. But you should not stop with that, you should also offer your services to friends and family. I mean, you have a server, and most time it doesn’t matter if you have 1, 5 or 10 users. So my plan for the following weeks is to set up services on my server and look into alternatives. My goal is to write a series of blog articles for getting your privacy and data back, step by step. I hope this will be in some way useful for other people, too.

I have to thank Edward Snowden for leaking this Information, full aware what would happen to him. And also Laura Poitras for making such a good movie. If you didn’t see it, do it now. Take the time for that, I promise it will be worth it.