This time a little bit late, sorry for that. Try to get the bi-weekly again.

  • stormssh
    A little cli to manage your ssh connections.
  • toybox
    A small busybox alternativ under the BSD-license
  • Scapy
    Little program to manipulate packets on the net.
  • Prometheus
    Looks like a interesting program for monitoring.
  • Bee
    Would like to use it, but our company jira is too old. Sadly.
  • Mosh: the mobile shell
    It’s quite cool to use and make ssh more fun to use.
  • xkcd: Git
    It’s so true, you may already see it.
  • Testinfra
    Looks like a good way to test my ansible deployment.
  • cortesi/devd
    Fun thing to test some http things locally.
  • Dokku
    Have installed it on my server, quite cool to use and fun. Works like promised. Really like it.
  • The Switch
    Will build it in the future, It looks like a thing you want to have.
  • sift - a fast and powerful open source alternative to grep
    Not so fast like grep in my use case, but a nice user experience and deployment.

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